About Us

Doctor Asphalt came into existence from the unwavering efforts of two college students, Jake and Brad, who were looking for ways to pay their college tuition. But that wasn’t the only reason why they started an asphalt paving and maintenance company. Having worked in the asphalt business for other contractors previously, they soon realized how dishonest most paving companies were in Madison and the greater Minneapolis area.

Many of these companies who claimed excellent customer service, offered anything but. They demonized and belittled their customers for not knowing the asphalt industry, and not to anyone’s surprise; these companies were performing less than poorly and provided very little customer satisfaction.

So, to set out to rescue the unfortunate clients of these asphalt contractors, Jake and Brad started their own asphalt company on the grounds of high-quality workmanship, integrity, and transparency with their valued clients. A few years later, ever since its inception, Doctor Asphalt has gone to become one of the most coveted, trusted, and respected contracting companies in all of Wisconsin and Minnesota.

For the past 6 years, we at Straight Edge Contractors have been transforming residential and commercial properties with our unmatched asphalt, concrete, and striping services. What initially started as a small father-son contracting business, soon became the cornerstone for providing exceptional paving results and high standards of quality workmanship to residents and business owners all across El Paso.

We first started off focusing solely on parking lot installments and customized striping services. However, with ever-growing construction projects taking place all over Texas, demand for paving solutions also escalated. And this is where it all changed for us.

In a matter of a few months, we noticed an exponential surge of clients needing paving solutions all across El Paso. This is where our paving operations expanded – and we went from managing small-scale construction ventures to much larger residential and commercial paving projects.

Why Hire Us?

One of the top reasons why our clients keep coming back to us is simple. We have established solid and healthy relationships with our clients who we treat more like family than customers. With our no-nonsense attitude in delivering unparalleled asphalt services, we have successfully garnered the respect and trust of our clients.

We sit down to hear their needs out and create a simple plan that takes them from the start till the end of their project’s journey without causing any confusion. At Doctor Asphalt, we firmly believe that you pay for what you get.

Many paving companies wave their authoritative flag simply because they charge little. However, the quality of their paving materials and the frequency of repairs needed by customers speaks volumes about their brand’s integrity.

We are honored to be at the beck and call of our esteemed clients. No matter how difficult the task is, we are licensed and qualified contractors who promise to take away the pain of dealing with your surface’s installation and maintenance at a moment’s notice!

And no matter how busy our schedule may be, our clients are our prized possessions. We go above and beyond when catering to our clients and always ensure they receive our undivided attention when discussing their needs and concerns.

We are dedicated to making your construction experience a pleasant one. Call us at 612-867-3778 for more information about our services.