Why Choose Doctor Asphalt?

Our goal is to make the process as easy-going as possible for you. Whether you’re the owner, property manager or business manager, we make sure that we get the job done right and on time. We hope this reflects well on you from a “getting things done right” standpoint within your company.

We will work overnight on a weekend to keep your business open if we need to. There is no need to close the business down for us to service the asphalt.

Excavate & Replace

"Remove & Replace”

“Saw-cut and replace”

Ashalt & Concrete Excavation

We remove asphalt and concrete surfaces.


Large patching sections, like the picture included, are also considered to be in our paving service category.

Striping & Signage

The striping is the “icing on the cake”. We can stripe your lot or road in any color and any layout. 


Sealcoat is a protective layer that is spread over asphalt surfaces. 

Residential Sealcoating

The sealer will not adhere if there is ANY dirt or debris on the driveway. 

Crack Sealing

Water can get in the crack and cause damage.

Infrared Seamless Patching

We repairs potholes & extensive cracking with advanced infrared tech. 

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