Asphalt Repair


With the construction of everything eventually comes its downfall. And asphalt surfaces are no different.

Asphalt repair is the immediate action to take when your pavement has succumbed to potholes. Potholes are caused either by water erosion, asphalt softening due to hot temperatures, or perhaps, just a result of having lived a long surface life of 15-20 years. Whatever the case may be, when potholes start to appear on your paved surfaces, asphalt repair becomes your final call.

Why does asphalt need to be repaired?

The main reason why asphalt repair should not be delayed is that broken asphalt surfaces create tripping hazards for pedestrians – and bumpy rides for drivers. Asphalt needs to be repaired because if left unattended, neglected potholes and cracks will eventually get bigger in size and create other problems such as tire blowouts, traffic jams, difficulty maneuvering around parking lots, and much more!

Also, not having your potholes and cracks repaired on time is sure a great way to leave a wrong impression on your visitors! With several damages all over your business property, you may even be charged for putting your customers’ lives at risk! Now, who wants to deal with that headache?

If you reside in Wisconsin or Minnesota and are looking for professionals to diagnose your asphalt’s unhealthy condition, head over to Doctor Asphalt! We are licensed and qualified asphalt repair experts who get your driveways, roads, and parking lots looking brand new again.