Infrared Seamless Patching

Doctor Asphalt repairs potholes and areas with extensive cracking by using advanced infrared technology. The machines generate infrared rays that penetrate deep below the surface of the asphalt and heat it up to over 300 degrees. Once the asphalt is heated and soft, we scrape out the bad asphalt and add new hot-mix asphalt and a special rejuvenator, and then rake and compact the area. This process effectively repairs the asphalt to like-new condition and helps prevent future damage.

Infrared patching does not last as long as saw-cut and patch, but it is much quicker and less expensive. 

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The environmental aspect of infrared repair is one that is often overlooked. By in-place recycling, the existing asphalt infrared repair has 1/3 the carbon footprint as traditional methods.

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