Crack Sealing

Crack sealing is a very important part of maintaining your asphalt. Water can get in the crack and cause damage by ruining the base, freezing and causing potholes, causing more cracking etc. 


Routing is a process by which a machine grinds the top inch of the crack to make it wider. This etches the walls of the crack allowing for better adhesion. 

Wire Wheel: A Steel wire wheel is then ran along the crack to loosen any dirt or debris and etch the cracks more.

Heat lance: This is a machine that blows 2300 degree Fahrenheit compressed air into the crack. This extreme heat completely dries the crack deep down and etches any walls that the router and wire wheel may have missed. Dirt and debris is also removed from the crack. 

Crack sealing: 350 Degree melted crack sealant is applied to the cracks and hardens within minutes. There are different types for different circumstances. Crack filling

Dr. Asphalt worked miracles with an otherwise done in driveway. They came in and filled holes, sealed cracks and put on a patch that is very strong

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