Excavate and Replace

“Remove & Replace” or “Saw-cut and replace”

This service is necessary when areas of your asphalt are too far gone to simply be crack sealed, sealed, or infrared patched. This is a permanent fix. When the asphalt is severely crumbling or there are large potholes, we recommend cutting the area out. Many times the asphalt fails due to a failing base underneath. The base needs to be fixed before anything else.


Saw-cut area to a depth of pavement with EDCO asphalt saw. 

Remove and Haul away broken asphalt.

Grade base, add base material if needed. Undercut if needed.

Tack coat (“asphalt glue”) before laying the first layer o new hot-mix asphalt.

Lay and the compact first layer of hot-mix binder course. The binder course is much stronger than the top course which is why it is important to lay and compact first.

Tack coat before adding top course. This includes tacking edges.

Lay and compact top course making sure the grade is correct and the mat is compacted enough.

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